How to Remove Google Background: A Google Employee Provides Instructions


Google's (GOOG) one-day experiment in adding art to its homepage is soundly getting panned on online forums, as users appear to be desperately seeking ways to remove the Google background.

But Google employee Paul offers these instructions and comments for removing the colorful artwork:

Thanks for sharing your concerns with us. As you noticed, Google's homepage has a series of photos on it to celebrate our new Change background image link. Please be assured these images will only be displayed today, and the homepage will return to its regular white background tomorrow.

If you prefer to have a clean, simple look, you can change it to another color using our background image feature. All you need to do is sign in to your Google Account to change your background. To learn how to change the background image please visit this article in our Help Center:

If you'd like to change the page to a single color, follow these steps:

1. Click the Add background image link in the Google homepage's lower-left corner
2. Sign in to your Google Account (if you aren't already signed in)
3. Select Editor's picks
4. Scroll to the bottom of the list and choose your favorite color
5. Click Select

Keep in mind that, like all background images on the Google homepage, changing it to single color will also change Google's logo and other homepage text white. You can remove the background at any time, including tomorrow when our homepage returns to normal, by clicking thRemove background image link that appears in the bottom-left corner after you've set up a new background.

We hope you enjoy this new and optional feature -- and the beautiful designs we're featuring today!

Currently, the homepage of Google has a little icon at the bottom left of the page that says: "Change background image." But when users click on the button, they are taken to more choices of artwork to select from, rather than an option to return to the original blank Google page.

Hundreds of Google users -- and possibly more -- do not appear to be interested in artwork from well noted artists.

For example, a Google user who goes by blubarb lamented on a forum post: "Someone, or maybe just Google, changed my google homepage background to trees. The button I am *supposed* to press to delete it isn't showing up. The only button I can press is "Change Google Background". This is unhelpful because I don't want it at all."

And dueyd commented: "I'm boycotting Google until this crap gets fixed. Who's the genius who came up with this idea to copy Bing WITHOUT giving the user an option to NOT have a background image? So fired."

With such comments, Google may be better off charting its own path than rather taking guidance from software giant Microsoft (MSFT) and its Bing search engine.

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