Playdom localizing games for four European languages


In my limited experience traveling around Europe, I've found most everyone knew at least some English. Then again, I've mostly stuck to the tourist areas of Barcelona and Paris thus far, so the preference for English as an international lingua franca is perhaps not that surprising.

Anyway, social gaming mega-publisher Playdom is no longer content shutting out the billions of potential non-English-speaking players that I assume exist outside the touristy parts of Europe. Today, the company behind Social City, Tiki Resort and Wild Ones announced they'll be translating their "top social games" into French, Italian, German and Spanish.

The first game to get the translation treatment will be soccer management sim Bola, which is already finding some success in its English-only Facebook beta test. This seems like a no-brainer with interest in the World Cup reaching a fever pitch around the world -- even the parts that don't speak English... wherever they are.