My Empire: Traveling merchants roll into town, bearing gifts

my empire traveling merchant
If you've spotted some mysterious folks with camels in your friends' My Empire cities -- don't be alarmed. They are traveling merchants, and helping them find the town market (done by simply clicking on them), will score you some loot, such as coins or resources used for building.

You will be able to find up to nine merchants a day, and they're not available in all of your friends' towns. Out of our eight My Empire friends, we found two sets of merchants. The two sets merchants were found sitting in front of the Town Hall and have a big exclamation point over their heads, so they're hard to miss. Rewards for finding the merchants (so far) include 50 coins and bronze that is sharable with fellow empire builders.
my empire traveling merchant
The merchants are a nice addition to My Empire, but we're really looking forward to seeing this game incorporate some new features that will really have that 'wow' factor. Maybe some mini-game involving gladiators and ferocious animals? Without the gore, of course.

What loot did you score from the traveling merchants?
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