Mafia Wars London: Chapter 2 opens with four new jobs

mafia wars london opens
mafia wars london opens

Mafia Wars London: Chapter 2 officially opens today, and you have 14 days total to get through all of the jobs -- of course, you'll also have to mind your British passport inventory and those pesky London police who are always slowing down your work. The nerve!

The jobs for Chapter 2 include the following:

Stage a distraction at a Nightclub
Kidnap a Partying Royal Family Member
Hand off the Royal to Russian Agents
Steal a Military Police Helicopter

All in a day's work. Good luck on your second set of London missions, mafiosos.

mafia wars london jobs
mafia wars london jobs

Did you finish Chapter 1 yet? Got any expert tips on how to breeze through these jobs? Leave a note in the comments below.

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