Lush Cosmetics campaigns against oil drilling

Canada was blasted at last year's Copenhagen conference for its lack of climate change initiatives and its oil sands, which contribute to Canada's greenhouse gas emissions, depletion of its vast boreal rain forest and high water usage. Now Lush Cosmetics has launched a campaign to ratchet consumers' anger about the environmental impacts of the oil sand operations in Canada, .which has the world's second largest deposit of crude oil behind Saudi Arabia.

Lush's storefronts in Montreal display photos of big oil dump trucks. Protesters have even helped by dressing up in life-size oil barrels, handing out fliers to encourage people to be environmentally friendly.

.The big campaign push is meant to spread the message that Lush Cosmetics cares about the world we live in. It's not just about the beauty of the individual, but the beauty of the Earth is now a social aspect of their business. Some say that Lush is just rallying up angry consumers against development in the oil sands, but fail to contribute to the "serious dialogue to seek solutions to our energy challenges" says Dave Collyer of the Canadian Association of Petroleum Producers.

Perhaps Lush should also inform consumers about the environmental impact of cosmetic products which contain toxins like Mercury, and man made oil and synthetic colors in lipstick. And the discarded products contribute to waste that crowds landfills.

With the Gulf oil spill and many other environmental disasters caused by the oil industry, many consumers are angered, and businesses are helping to spread this message to help strengthen their social image.