Keep your home cool with these low-cost to no-cost tips

cheap ways to keep your house cool this summer
cheap ways to keep your house cool this summer

Along with summer temperatures, your utility bills are bound to start heating up unless you take steps to help your home create a more efficient cool. According to the EPA's Energy Star program, almost 20% of a typical household's utility bill goes toward home cooling costs. By taking a few simple steps this summer to improve energy efficiency, you can save energy, save money and help fight climate change.

Fortunately, there are lots of easy no-cost to low-cost ways to choose from to beat back the heat this summer.

Spin Up the Cool With Room Fans

  • Room fans provide that great "evaporative cooling" effect, moving air and thereby causing any moisture on your skin to evaporate so that you feel more cool and comfortable. Position them for maximum air circulation in living areas, and if you're using a window fan, make sure to open another window across the room to help with cross-ventilation.