Top 5 Jobs for Bachelors Degree Holders

There is no doubt that a Bachelor's degree is needed when entering today's job market.

With competition high due to the weak economy, Bachelor degree holders are leading the pack. Some of the highest paying jobs on the market are essentially Bachelor degree jobs, so if you worked hard at your university or college, you are already on the path to success.

While it depends on which trade your degree is focused on, here are some of the top jobs for Bachelor degree holders:

1. Computer Programmer

There are many reasons why computer programmers are grabbing high-paying jobs in a weak economy; businesses are putting more and more energy into online efforts, local communities are building their online presence and everyone is connected through social media networks. Computer programmers are needed in all of these situations and are high-valued employers that companies rely on around the clock.

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2. Financial Examiner

A financial examiner ensures that financial transactions, such as real estate deals, abide by all laws and regulations. If you have an eye for detail and a background in law and accounting, this job could be perfect for you.

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3. Sales Agent

Every successful business has a strong sales team that they rely on. A sales agent is a great Bachelor's degree job that helps business savvy workers learn the ins and outs of any business, opening up opportunities to climb the corporate ladder.

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3. Personal Financial Advisors

The recent economic conditions have the entire country re-examining their finances. Personal financial advisors guide those who are looking to retire, pay off student loans or make wise investment choices.

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4. Public Relations Specialist

The boom of social media means companies need more and more public relations experts to handle their online reputation. Bachelor degree holders who specialize in communications and media are ideal candidates for a public relations job.

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