Hardee's uses Burger King's chicken stumble to hawk its new chicken item

Fast food chain Hardee's has announced it now carries Hand-Breaded Chicken Tenders -- on the same day its competitor Burger King took its chicken tenders off the menu due to poor quality. Hardee's pounced on the Burger King chicken tenders news, even crowing about it on Twitter: "Hmmmm ... guess BK's chicken really is subservient. (Our Tenders are prepared fresh daily..."

Consumer Ally reported Wednesday that Burger King chick tenders were removed from the menu because the quality was too poor to serve to customers.

In its statement announcing the new product, Hardee's takes shots at other fast food chains menu items, saying Hardee's chicken tenders "represent such a huge quality leap over the mostly pre-cooked and frozen chicken strips available now."
Hardee's even has a coupon on its website for a free small fries and Coke when you buy a five-piece chicken tenders. The coupon's good through Aug. 6.