Happy Pets: Limited Edition Flag-colored friends debut for World Cup

Happy Pets World Cup pets
As far as weird World Cup 2010 in-game tie-ins go, Happy Aquarium still has everyone beat with their soccer-playing scuba lion, but Happy Pets slides into a close second.

Cause instead of scrambling to release national flags and soccer balls, like every other Facebook game out here, they thought they'd get creative -- by decorating pets based on flag colors for Argentina, Brazil, USA, Germany, Spain, UK, Italy, France, and Mexico. We'll let you decide if the results are awesome or an eyesore.
Happy Pets World Cup Hamster
Out of the nine pets in this set, the best pet seems to be the World Cup Hamster doing the whole hamster-in-a-ball gig, but this ball's a soccer ball. Even so, the weirdness persists -- buying the male hamster will still get you the one with a pink bow on its head. (Oh well, if anyone asks, I'll say his name is Becky.)

All pets in this set are 88 Facebook Credits each (the equivalent of $8.80 USD). You've got the Argentinian Cat, Brazillian Cat, USA Cat, German Cat, Spanish Dog, English Dog, Italian Dog, French Horse, and Mexican Horse.

For those who bought one early, Happy Pets would like you to note that "the Brazil Cat changed on June 9 to have green mittens in the store, those that bought it before are allowed to keep the yellow mittens. Brazil cats with yellow feet bought prior to the change will be known as 'Brazilian Cat 1' on their information menu."
Happy Pets World Cup Pets
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