FarmVille Crafting Cottage Preview Problems


Many farmers are reporting that after initially ignoring the pop-up for the Crafting Cottage Preview, they no longer have the opportunity to participate.

Whether they unintentionally ignored, were not prepared to chose their Crafting Cottage at that moment, or were eager to check out the other FarmVille Updates on Tuesday night, these farmers assumed that they could always come back and participate in the preview.

However, even after re-loading their farms, refreshing, re-logging into FaceBook, and even clearing internet cache, so far, triggering the Crafting Cottage Preview event for a second time has proved unsuccessful.

As you know taking part in the Crafting Cottage Preview awards you with a special limited edition Gnome that is specific to the Crafting Cottage (Bakery, Winery, or Spa) you chose. You may also "share" a smaller version of the Gnome with your FarmVille friends via FaceBook newsfeed.

Hopefully, with later updates this issue will be resolved and more willing farmers can participate in the Crafting Cottage Preview.

Were you able to participate in the Crafting Cottage Preview after ignoring the first notice? If so, how did you? What triggered the event for the second time?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.