Delta Puts Kids on Wrong Flights, Says Sorry

Pylon757, flickr

Delta Airlines is apologizing for a paperwork mix-up that sent a young boy and a young girl to the wrong cities.

According to the Minneapolis Star Tribune, the itineraries of the kids were reversed. The boy was supposed to go to Boston, but ended up in Cleveland; and the Cleveland-bound girl in Boston. The flights were both from Minneapolis-St. Paul International Airport.

Paul Skrbec, a spokesman for the airline, said both children were under airline supervision the entire time. He said such mix-ups are "exceedingly rare."

The airline refunded the ticket price and gave the kids credit for future flights.

"We immediately contacted their guardians that they were rerouted," Skrbec said.

Kieren Kershaw, 9, had been heading to see her grandparents and transferring at Minneapolis, after a flight from Spokane, Wash. His grandparents told WHDH-TV Boston, the experience "was just weird."

Though the airline did offer him treats onboard including donuts, Larry Kershaw, Kieren's grandfather, wasn't very happy.

"We're paying them to check on him and be with him," he told WHDH. "They just threw him in the plane like anyone else ... didn't even ask his name to match the paperwork."
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