Color Confidence: Choosing Paint

choosing paintPaint is the quickest and easiest way to completely transform the look of a room. You can choose paint colors to add warmth to a cold room, add coziness to a large room, add sunshine to a dark room, or just add fun to a boring room. However, walking into a paint store and staring at that wall of thousands of paint colors can be overwhelming. Choosing the right paint color from all those samples seems like mission impossible. The fear is grounded, certainly, as 40 percent of all paint sales are generated from people choosing the wrong color the first time and having to repaint.

I encourage you to face your fears and follow these easy methods for choosing the perfect paint for your home.There are two easy ways to choosing paint colors. The first one is by deciding what kind of mood or emotional reactions you want from the room. Vibrant tones (reds, purples, oranges) create passion and energy. They could be great in a family room or gym, but avoid using these colors in rooms you want to be restful. White tones (light pink, sky blue, mint green) give a feeling of freedom. These pastel shades make a room appear light and airy, and can make you feel like it's springtime every day. Brown tones (olive, mustard, clay) make rooms feel earthy and sensual. They are warm and welcoming, and make any room feel cozy. Black tones (emerald, sapphire, cranberry) create drama. These "jewel tones" are bold and confident choices, not for the faint of heart.

choosing paint colorMy preferred method of choosing paint colors is by using an "inspiration piece." This can be a favorite piece of art, a piece of fabric, or a treasured accessory. If you want to spotlight the piece and have it really stand out, choose a paint color that is its complement (or opposite) color of that item. If you want the item to blend into its surroundings, choose a color that matches your inspiration piece.

This technique is also a good way to minimize a piece of furniture that you don't like but can't afford to get rid of. For example, if you have a sofa that you don't like, paint the wall behind it the same color -- and it will visually disappear into the wall. Add some pillows you love, and suddenly those accessories become the focus and not the ugly couch.

Bring other colors from your inspiration piece into the room using your furniture and accessories, tying the whole room together with a cohesive palette.

If you go bold and need to go back to neutral before you move out of your rental, be sure to prime the wall before painting so you will only need one coat of paint and the bold wall color will not bleed through.
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