Apartment Guru: Keeping Your Roommate's Secrets

roommate privacy
roommate privacy

Dear Apartment Guru,

Being new in town and not knowing anyone, I ended up living with someone who really just pays me rent but, unknown to her parents, mostly lives on a nearby military base with her guy. It's pretty ideal for me. But there is one problem that's getting to me: Sometimes her parents call our house.

How can I handle this without giving her status away? She can't always be out shopping, can she? The last time they called, the conversation was really awkward. I lied for her, but about a half-hour later my roommate called and asked me to tell her exactly what I told her mom. She hasn't said anything about the issue since then.

The thing is, I don't know why she gave them the landline number to begin with. It's unlisted and I only have it because it came with my Internet and cable. But it's a little weird being in the middle of my roommate and her parents. Any advice?

-- Not a Very Good Secretary

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