New Apartment Must-Have: Well-Stocked, Stylish Liquor Cabinet

Maybe it's the "Mad Men" craze in full swing, but there's a resurgence in not only having good alcohol, mixers, and a shaker on hand but also a stylish way to store them. A recent article on Rented Spaces focused entirely on this theme and how to re-create the look of lead character Don Draper's home.

The Miami Herald has jumped on the retro bandwagon, reporting on vintage liquor cabinets and their most welcome comeback. The new spin on this mid-century craze is to make the storage of your libations unique and creative.

The article quotes Daniel Hyatt, manager of the Alembic Bar in San Francisco, as saying: "The best advice I have is to be creative. A small bookshelf can make a nice bar; a large rolling-toolbox, like you'd find at an auto shop, also makes a nice bar."

Another good suggestion is utilizing classic -- if not necessarily vintage -- pieces for new uses. Claudia Farfan at Farfan Perez Interior Design in Doral, Fla. recalls finding use for a classic armoire as a partial liquor cabinet: "There was a client with a classic armoire, and rather than parting with it when flat-screen televisions became all the rage, we incorporated the suddenly unused area to store liquor and barware. It's an excellent showpiece and is once again fully utilized."

To mirror what these design pros suggest, there are several online outlets perfect for spotting bargains on cool liquor cabinets or bars.

There's eBay, where the selection is quite extensive. They've got quirky and vintage pieces, as well as more traditional pieces that serve both functions -- storing and serving.

The World Globe Cocktail Bar (shown at right) opens to reveal a world of storage and another globe that doubles as a dispenser is definitely in the quirky category. There also are more traditional choices, like a small vintage walnut wood cabinet or an intricate pearl inlaid liquor cabinet. All these items are under $200.

At there are many retro pieces of furniture that will definitely bring a little Don Draper-style into your apartment. And true to their homemade DIY roots, a couple of etsy sellers have created non-traditional liquor cabinets. Someone got creative and made a cabinet from an olive green retro suitcase (shown above). The vintage luggage comes outfitted with two wood shelves and utilizes the case's interior strap to keep larger bottles upright. The other is a gun cabinet re-painted and fitted with four shelves along the larger top portion of the unit and one shelf along the bottom section that make for perfect bottle storage. Aside from these choices, there are other more standard pieces available.

There are plenty of places to look (don't forget your local flea market!) and find the perfect accessory to use as a unique conversation piece and also as the go-to spot to make your guest a mean martini. Shaken or stirred, your choice.

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