Wild Ones New Pet: Meet the Armadillo

The Wild Ones Armadillo has arrived and we're warning you, this new pet is extreme. Just look at him, he's tough, angry, colorful and armed to the teeth.

Keep reading to learn more about the Armadillo and its special ability.
wild ones new pet armadillo
wild ones armadillo special abilityAfter the release of the cat and over forty new weapons, we were satisfied with Wild Ones' efforts to please fans. However, it seems they were just getting started and haven't stopped rolling out new stuff for players of the Facebook game.

This new Wild Ones Armadillo can be bought in the store for 1,299 Coins; no Facebook Credits needed!

Not to mention he's got a gnarly unique ability: dig. The Armadillo can tunnel underground for a few seconds, putting something solid between him and the over forty new weapons trying to eviscerate any trace of this carapaced critter from the battlefield.

Head to Wild Ones to check him out. Click here to play>
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