Whole Foods expanding to Scotland

Whole Foods is going global. Due to the success of its ability to target the health conscious in the United States, Canada, and UK, Whole Foods is now planning to build a store in Scotland.

The store might replace the Safeway shop in the Glasgow area. The feelings are mixed among residents of this targeted neighborhood. Most are excited for the planned development because it will increase jobs in the area. However, Whole Foods is also known for being anti-union, so many fear that this won't mix well with the Scottish.

Analysts are also concerned about whether or not consumers in Scotland will buy from the expensive Whole Foods. But Glasgow is a cosmopolitan region, with residents from other areas such as London and New York, where Whole Foods has a much larger presence. So a Whole Foods won't be a completely foreign presence in the land of Haggis and fried Snickers Bars.

Whole Foods is still laying out its options about expanding in Scotland. The company has not released a statement, so it's not yet official.
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