Viximo taking social games beyond Facebook and Myspace


"Beyond Facebook?" I can almost hear millions (thousands? hundreds? tens?) of our readers crying out. "There are social networks besides Facebook?" Indeed there are, and I'm not just talking about MySpace, either. There are dozens of smaller social networks out there eager for games, just as there are dozens of social game developers looking to diversify away from Facebook's iron grip.

The problem: Most of these social game developers probably don't want to go through the trouble of customizing their games for dozens of different social networks, each with their own technical, submission and payment guidelines. This is where three-year-old Viximo comes in. Today, they announced the launch of a unified platform that lets developers submit a game once, to Viximo, to be deployed to dozens of social networks Viximo has partnered with, including, and

While none of these partner networks rival the size or exposure of a Facebook or MySpace, together they represent tens of millions of potential new players for any given game. And anything that makes social gaming less synonymous with the world's largest (but not only!) social network is fine by us.