Transform Favorite Snapshots Into Stylish Wall Decor

Umbra's You may still be haunted by the endless collages you painstakingly assembled in your high school days out of photo booth pictures and old copies of Seventeen. But don't be. Like your hairstyle, this '80s phenomenon has been refashioned into sophisticated wall décor.

In fact, some of the inventive photo-hanging gadgets on the market are an easy, resourceful way to dress up bland, empty walls or cover a sore patch. Wall frames are being molded together into giant hanging pieces, and cork bulletin boards have been reinvented as mod backdrops of metal-backed foam board.

Other means of displaying photos on your wall range from shower curtain hangers to mobiles to vinyl stickers.

So before pulling out your collage out from your parent's attic, check out these photo hanging inspirations...

Inspiration No. 1: The Huddle Frame

A no-fuss alternative, Umbra's Huddle Frame, is an assortment of different shape and sized frames put together as a single wall hanging. It looks as if you might have hung the consortium of frames individually.

Inspiration No. 2 : A Bulletin Board

Instead of using your bulletin board to hang receipts and little notes, bump it up a notch to feature your most memorable snapshots on a more contemporary surface. One suggestion is CB2's metal-backed tacktile message board which is made out of foam board and is available in silver and black. Pictures can be hung by pushpins, or magnets to minimize any damage to your precious photos.

Inspiration No. 3: The Shower Curtain

Any simple cable and clip system, whether it's used as a shower curtain or an old-fashioned way of drying laundry, instead can be used to hang a mishmash of photos in vertical fashion, like this steel cable system from West Elm. A simple clip holds the photos -- it keeps damage to your photos to a minimum and allows for a quick switch of photos to change your view.

Inspiration No. 4: Vinyl Sticker Montage

For a more all-encompassing concept, consider a vinyl sticker design that incorporates photos as its focal point, such as these
vintage photo frame stickers available via This option combines our love of wall decals and our desire to camouflage dinged-up apartment walls.

Inspiration No. 5: The Old-School Mobile

Back in your collage-creating heyday, you probably were also making mobiles for class projects. Why not reinvent this idea for an artistic, movable photo display? Try the stainless steel hanging photo clip from Urban Outfitters.

Inspiration No. 6: Frame It

Generally, everything looks better when you doll it up with a chic frame. Made of fir with a distressed metallic finish, and holding decorative chicken clips, the chicken note holder frame from Wisteria can be the place where you show off (as well as rotate) your latest photos.

Inspiration No. 7: Go Ornate

Creatively exhibiting your photos doesn't have to be limited to the crafty and casual. If you are in the hunt for a fancier, feminine look, then you will want to take a peek at this gold leaf photo holder.

Once you've found your inspiration (and put up that hysterical picture of you at summer camp, or at senior prom in that atrocious puff-sleeve dress), it's time to have friends over. And that's the best part of making photos a part of your wall decor -- a personal touch is a guaranteed big hit with guests.

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