Ohio orders U.S. Navy Veterans Association to stop fundraising there

U.S. Navy Veterans Association sealThe Ohio Attorney General has ordered the U.S. Navy Veterans Association to cease fundraising in the state after finding what it says is false and misleading information in the charity's registration.

The Attorney General's Charitable Law Section investigated the organization and sent a letter to its listed directors outlining these violations of the state's requirements:
  • A USPS mailbox is listed as the primary business address.
  • Phone numbers for the organization's offices were not provided.
  • Addresses for directors, trustees and executive personnel were not provided.

The U.S. Navy Veterans Association does not meet the Better Business Bureau's standards for charity accountability because it failed to make financial statements available and did not respond to consumer complaints.

A six-month investigation by the St. Petersburg Times concluded there was only one operating officer in the organization --not the reported 85 -- and that millions of dollars in income have gone unaccounted for.

Consumer Ally recently reported similar actions from the Oregon Attorney General against other veterans' charities with questionable practices. In a public statement, The Ohio Attorney General advises that the use of the word "veteran" in an organization name does not necessarily mean that funds go toward a worthy cause.

The BBB's directory of accredited charitable organizations can be used to find organizations that comply with the given standards.
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