New York Rental: Upper West Side 1BR With Chef's Kitchen, $1,700

The Upper West Side has Central Park, Lincoln Center and kosher food legend Zabar's, along with many other places and things to do, making it one of New York City's most desirable and livable neighborhoods. It also has charming tree-lined streets like the one that this one-bedroom, one-bathroomapartment overlooks. As seen in the accompanying photo, the outside of this building is so charming and the listing details so dreamy that if you're looking to live on New York's Upper West Side you might want to check it out.

At the reasonable price for the space and details that this apartment offers, it could make a nice home -- but you'll have to call CitiHabitats to see it, as interior pictures aren't in the listing. That said, the promise of this place is worth a call. I mean, you could have the park nearby. And Sarabeth'scupcake bakery. 'Nuff said.

Here's what you get for $1,700:

The median price for a one bedroom on the Upper West Side is $2,950, well above the $1,700 monthly rent for this apartment, so already you are seeing some advantages to this apartment. Located near many subway stops including both a local and express (at 72nd St.), you also can navigate the city easily using buses (but really, do they save time?). In this part of town you can traverse the park to the East Side, head downtown, or get off the island easily if you need to. And there are great schools. All in all, just what is needed in the Big Apple: options and accessibility.

This apartment has something most New Yorkers don't: closets. And not only does it have several, but one is a walk-in. The apartment has been renovated and has a chef's kitchen with stainless steel refrigerator and a pantry (which, if you have a Carrie Bradshaw-like addiction, could be used for shoe storage).

It has a bedroom that can fit a queen-size bed and also has northern exposure, enjoying a view of a tree-lined street. Of course you will have to see the space, but the description of its large living room and closets make the apartment sound enticing. And if you have pets you're in luck, they're allowed.

The Upper West Side is a great neighborhood to call home. Restaurants and cafes for breakfast and late dinners abound in the area, as do cultural happenings. From the Met, to the American Museum of Natural History, to strolls in the park, there's plenty to do in this neck of the woods.

And with a rental price below average for the neighborhood, if you are looking to live Uptown you might want to give this spot a shot.

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