New tiki theme begins in FarmVille with set of island items


Before the Tuscan decor has even left FarmVille, new tiki items have just stolen some Market space. A small set of island items have made their way into FarmVille, and we have the scoop. This all seems a little too familiar to us; not only are there dozens of island games out there already, but Zynga has their own in Treasure Isle. Perhaps this is the start of a Treasure Isle theme? These new items are only available for 9 days, so this could be a short-term theme that doesn't last as long as most of the other FarmVille themes. Here are the new items in the FarmVille store:

Tiki Mask I - 5,000 coins
Tiki Mask II - 25,000 coins
Outdoor Torch - 20,000 coins
Lychee Tree - 10,000 coins
Blue Macaw - 16 Farm Cash

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