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Prepare to embark on a brand new adventure with FrontierVille on Facebook. Zynga's new wild west themed game has all of us aspiring pioneers headed towards the Pacific to start our very own frontier towns. You'll work the land, start a family, build cottages, decorate your town, and help your neighbors endure the hardships of the west. Before you know it you'll have conquered the wilderness and established a first-rate town out in the wild west.

However, getting to that point won't be easy, there's a ton of features packed into FrontierVille. Fortunately, we have everything you need to know about FrontierVille to have your town flourishing in no time.
frontierville create a character
Welcome to the West
Before starting a new life out on the frontier, you'll have to create a character. The straightforward system lets you recreate your FarmVille player with all the same hair styles, smiles, and eyes. In addition, FrontierVille offers a bunch of western themed features and clothing to make your character fit the period. I decided to go traditional western with a large wild-man mustache and cowboy attire. My character is certainly not happy, he knows there are hard times ahead before he can relax in our bustling frontier town. Perhaps I'll change his mouth to a smile later on.

Energy and Goals
In FrontierVille you need energy to do everything. Most actions require one energy. However, like in Treasure Isle, FrontierVille gives you a very limited amount of energy. At the beginning, the scarcity of energy preventing you from playing the new game may frustrate you. But if you used wisely, following our tips, you'll be able to maintain a healthy amount of energy throughout the first few levels.
frontiervill meals
Energy can be replenished by purchasing meals at the market or by waiting. One energy is replenished every five three minutes. In addition, your entire meter is refilled every time you level up. As a result, to be most efficient, your energy is best used contributing to a level up. At the beginning of the game, the best way to level up is by completing goals. Completing these tasks will reward you with extra experience improving your chances of leveling up and regaining your energy.
frontierville goal
Beginner Tip: Only use your precious energy to complete goals allowing you to level up faster.
frontierville level upfrontierville

For example, don't feed your sheep until you receive a goal telling you to. Early goals include tasks such as clearing trees and grass or buying a cottage and giving it a few whacks. Nonetheless, completing goals will help you level up faster and teach you the basics of the game.
frontierville goodies
Working and Resourcesfrontierville wood
Everything you do in FrontierVille will give you food, wood, experience, coins and sometimes even some energy or a collectors item. Whether it's cutting trees, clobbering snakes, feeding chicks or whacking your unfinished cabin, resources will pop out for you to gather up.

Experience - You need experience to level up. Leveling up unlocks new items in the market and increases your total amount of energy. Experience can be gained from most forms of work.

Coins - To buy anything you're going to need coins. Coins can be found in many forms of work such as harvesting crops and feeding animals. The store is full of great stuff and we suggest browsing through the inventory of decorations, animals, trees, crops and buildings.

Wood - Necessary to build structures, wood is a precious commodity. You'll gain wood by chopping down trees. It's good to have a sizable supply. Just to build a cabin you'll need 46 logs!

Food - Gained from harvesting crops and feeding animals, food will allow you to buy meals, replenishing your energy.
frontierville farming
Farming and Ranching
There's a lot of work to be done on your land claim. Once you've cleared a little of the brush, you can begin farming. Farming works a little differently than FarmVille so be careful. To plant seeds, go to the market and select the crop you wish to buy. Plowing and planting are done in one move that doesn't require energy. Harvesting on the other hand, does require energy.
frontierville feeding
Beginner TIp: Don't plant more crops than your energy meter will allow you to harvest. You wouldn't want your crops to wither.

Fruit trees from the market are also valuable in FrontierVille, they can be harvested for food over and over, serving as a good source of energy.

Animals too can offer food and coins when harvested. Plus, what western homestead is complete a variety of livestock?

Tame the Wild West
frontierville snakeSooner or later, malicious critters are going to make their way to your homestead. These animals are going to hinder your frontier town unless you clobber them and scare them away. For example, doing work in proximity to a snake will require more energy than usual, so make sure to get rid of them as fast as possible.

Neighbors on the Frontier
Starting a frontier town is a daunting task, luckily your neighbors will be able to help you. When visiting a neighbor, you'll be able to help them work the land. Similar to FarmVille's crop fertilizing system, you will be able to assist your neighbor with five tasks. It doesn't cost energy and you still gain resources, so be sure to help your neighbors every day. In addition, helping out will add to your reputation. The higher reputation is as a good helper, the more you'll be able to help your friends.

Like leveling up, gaining neighbors will also unlock more options for your town. New buildings such as the General Store require multiple neighbors.

Settle Down
The world of FrontierVille can be a lonely one, but fortunately once completing your cabin you'll be able to get married and have children to aid in the daily toils of life in the old west.

Collections are also a feature of FrontierVille, collecting all five in a set will net you some serious coins and experience. Collectors item's can sometimes be found in the mail and by working the land.

Posted on sign posts around your land claim are missions that seem to be coming soon. While details are still sparse on these, it seems they will be unique ways to earn more goods. In addition there are tons of goods to be bought at the market. Buy livestock, buildings and decorate your frontier town until no passerby could possibly resist spending a night in your western village.

So, now that you've learned about what to expect from the FrontierVille, it's time for you to make your claim and build a cabin out on the prairie. A new life awaits you out in the wild west, get started on your FrontierVille adventure now.

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