FarmVille: All Crops Mastered!

farmville crop mastery
Congratulations to FarmVille players 1907fbcy and Andre C for completing every available mastery to date. Both have completed the 51 crops available in the Market as well as all three limited edition masterable crops.

Super Pumpkins were available for FarmVille Fans only, starting in late January and ending early February. To obtain mastery 5,000 crops had to be harvested in a very short time. Many people worked towards this but unfortunately missed out on completing because Super Pumpkins were removed from the Market early, brought back and removed again.
farmville crop mastery
The LE Tomatillo Mastery was offered as part of the FarmVille Cinco de Mayo celebration. This crop took 10 hours took mature and 480 crops had to be harvested to achieve mastery.

The Goji Berry crop is part of the current 7 Eleven Zynga promotion. To unlock the Goji Berry crop in the Market you must redeem a FarmVille 7 Eleven code. The 16 hour crop mastery levels are 80 for the first star, 160 for second and 240 final star – 480 total.

If you are unable to get a 7 Eleven FarmVille code, be sure to check out FarmVille Freaks latest contest! The first prize is a complete set of redemption codes- enough to receive the 200 $FV Uber Prize!

Congratulations again to FarmVille Freaks 1907Fbcy and Andre C, mastering all crops is quite a feat!

How many crops have you mastered?

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