Burger King chicken tenders removed from menu

Burger King pulls chicken tender crowns
Burger King pulls chicken tender crowns

Burger King's crown shaped chicken tenders were pulled from many of its restaurants nationwide after the fast food giant decided the quality of the product was too poor to serve to its customers.

Burger King said it hoped to have a new, better chicken tender on hand this week. The chicken tenders -- shaped to sort of look like a crown -- are Burger King's answer to McDonald's popular McNuggets.

"Food safety at Burger King restaurants is non-negotiable," the company said in a statement sent to Consumer Ally. "(Burger King) was notified by one of its suppliers that the chicken tenders product produced between May 10-20, 2010 may not meet the company's stringent food safety specifications."

That resulted in the chicken tenders shipped by that unnamed supplier being pulled from the restaurants, resulting in what Burger King described as "temporary outages."

"We will continue to work closely with the supplier to ensure this product meets our stringent food safety and quality standards...," the company said.