Al Gore divorce spreads to Karenna Gore Schiff's marriage

Karenna Gore marriage also on the rocks
Karenna Gore marriage also on the rocks

To use the kind of environmental jabber Al Gore likes, perhaps there's some petrochemical of discontent--whatever the hell that means -- leaking into the family drinking water. No sooner have Al and Tipper called it quits than comes news of another possible Gore divorce: After 13 years, Karenna Gore Schiff, the oldest Gore daughter, has separated from her hubby.

Now the Gore family isn't exactly broke. Al and Tipper have a net worth estimated at more than $100 million (see our piece on that breakup here), and Karenna's no slouch, either: A lawyer with degrees from Harvard and Columbia, she married a doctor who comes from a famous philanthropic family.

So what implications can we draw from this split? What matrimonial express might derail next? As a reporter who has interviewed the former vice president, and WalletPop's answer to Dr. Phil, allow me to answer your most pressing questions.