Bing Cashback cancelled - How to get your cash

Bing Cashback cancelled - How to get your cashBing Cashback, Microsoft's popular rewards program that paid shoppers to start their shopping with a search, is being discontinued. Shoppers will still be able to take advantage of Bing Cashback savings between 2% to 30% until 9 a.m. PST on July 30, at which time the program will be closed for good.

If you still have rewards in Bing Cashback, or pending, don't worry, you'll still get your cashback. When announcing the closing of Bing Cashback, Microsoft stated that it will allow users to claim their cashback rewards and view Bing Cashback purchase history until July 30, 2011 and will continue to provide customer support for the year. This is especially important since Bing Cashback rewards can take up to 60 days to be available for redemption.

Normally there is a $5 minimum to cash out your Bing Cashback rewards to check or PayPal, but this minimum will be waived after July 31, 2010 so that no one loses out on earned rewards. To check your account balance and cash out visit

In an e-mail to WalletPop a Microsoft spokesperson explained the closing and what it means for Bing Shopping, the tool that many users were drawn to with Bing Cashback.
"After two years, Microsoft felt Bing cashback had not seen the broad adoption it had hoped, and in place will be pursuing new incentive programs for customers and advertisers in the months ahead. The last day customers can earn cashback will be July 30, 2010, which means they will not see cashback gleams in Bing search results or at Bing Shopping. After July 31, 2010, Bing Shopping will continue to operate as it does today without the presence of cashback, and the Bing cashback site will redirect to the Bing Shopping site. We are still completely committed to making Bing Shopping the best place to research and compare products, read reviews, and make smarter purchasing decisions."
While Bing Cashback had some trouble during Black Friday 2008 meeting customer demand, it has been a good deal for consumers, offering incredible rewards on computer purchases and even on eBay. It is sad to see this savings opportunity go, but ultimately the business model of paying for search loyalty must have been too much for Microsoft to bear.
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