Got a Bad Habit? Make It Work for You

According to a 2010 survey by The Conference Board, only 45 percent of people are satisfied at work, the lowest percentage since the survey started in 1987. Workers who are not engaged in their jobs find all kinds of ways to distract themselves: chatting with co-workers, taking longer smoke breaks, sleeping, shopping online, pulling office pranks, and spending company time on social media sites -- just to name a few.

What if you could take your bad habit and turn it into a paying job? Here are 10 jobs that require you to do the things at work that you aren't normally supposed to do.

1. Hack computers.

Professional Hackers or ethical hackers get paid to break into company networks and tell them what is wrong with them. They generally have extensive computer knowledge and are employed by firms and the government to detect potential weaknesses in security for websites and servers to deter spiteful hackers that may steal valuable information.

2. Hardly wear any clothes.

The dress code for a Water Slide Tester is just a bathing suit. These professional check the height, speed, water quantity, and landing of the flumes, as well as all safety aspects.

3. Break the speed limit.

Or at least give others the pleasure of doing so. Roller Coaster Designers have backgrounds in electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, drafting engineering, and structural design. There are approximately 100 roller coaster design companies in the United States.

4. Drink on the job.

That's what Beer Tasters do. Using a discerning palate, they check for inconsistencies in batches of beer. Hopefully, they take public transportation home after their shift is over.

5. Play with toys.

You can if you are a Lego Designer. While there is no formal education needed for this one, there is actually a certification that almost a dozen Lego designers around the world possess.

6. Play video games.

As a Video Games Tester, you can spend your days in gaming bliss and actually do something else in your spare time.

7. Sleep on the job.

As a Sleep Research Patient, you can earn money by participating in clinical sleep studies held by sleep labs and university medical centers. Generally, you need to spend several nights at the sleep lab, so bring your toothbrush.

8. Spend other people's money.

Professional Shoppers may work for busy executives, wealthy families, the elderly, or corporations.

9. Indulge your sweet tooth.

Job satisfaction ranks high if you are a Chocolate Taster. Tasters need a degree in culinary arts; and in addition to tasting, their careers may include selecting chocolate lines, training sales teams, and organizing chocolate conferences.

10. Work in paradise.

Last year, tourism officials in Australia advertised for a job opening as a Paradise Island Caretaker to work on a tropical island off the Queensland coast. The candidate needed to be willing to swim, snorkel, dive, and sail. Tough life.

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