Zoya nail polish exchange - 6 colors for free plus shipping!


This is such a hot freebie I'm tempted to take advantage of it before I write this post! Zoya Nail Polish is offering six new shades of its eco-friendly polish when you mail in six old bottles of polish as part of its Zoya Nail Polish Exchange. You pay $3.50 per bottle for shipping, or $21 for six new bottles of Zoya polish. Each bottle normally goes for $7. Say goodbye to aqua, brown, grape, and so many other horrid shades you've been carting around for years!

Through June 30, 2010, send in six (or more) bottles of old polish of any brand besides Zoya, Qtica or Nocti, and they will send you six colors of your choice. The bottles you send in can be new or used. Start by registering on their site by sharing your name, address and email. Then select your colors, which may take a few minutes because there are more than 300 shades to choose from. Enter your credit card info to pay for shipping - which is not used until they send out your new colors - then get an exchange form to print out and send in with your new colors. The whole process takes about 13 minutes.

Zoya Nail Polish is free of toluene, formaldehyde, DBP (phthalates) and camphor. The polish is made to last long on natural nails and can be bound in "better" beauty salons, spas and online at www.zoya.com.