Treasure Isle gets fired up about upcoming Fire God Mountain

Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain
Treasure Isle Fire God Mountain

For the past couple of months, Zynga has been teasing us with the Fire God Mountain in Treasure Isle. This volcano has shown up on our map since the game has released, but has had a big "Coming Soon" banner and a lock on it. Of course, Zynga had to know how much this was driving us crazy. They have now launched a fan page entitled Treasure Isle's Volcano Diggers Anonymous in an apparent effort to build up some anticipation for the new Fire God Mountain.

On this fan page, they are encouraging fans to talk about how excited they are for the new Fire God Mountain, and have even shared some early pictures of the new volcano. We're thrilled about this, because this is the first set of maps that looks wildly different from all of the rest. Meanwhile, on the official Treasure Isle fan page, we have been informed that the volcano will be erupting soon.

Zynga has a real opportunity to do something new and exciting in this Fire God Mountain. Some players are hoping for additional challenges such as monsters to defeat. Others are predicting that maybe the illusive Rain God will help put out the fires. Chances are good that it will just be a basic map with a different theme, but it is fun to make wild guesses about what could happen on this new map.

Are you excited for the Fire God Mountain volcano in Treasure Isle?