Thrifty Tech: Cheap iPhone, iPad apps that get the job done


Welcome to Thrifty Tech, a new Money College weekly column about technology options on a college budget. This week, we feature new iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad apps that are inexpensive and useful for college students.

With the debut of the iPhone's app store, developers began churning out app after app of useless viral stuff to make a few bucks. Today, app stores for the iPhone, iPod Touch and iPad are littered with ridiculous clutter that nobody would ever need. So this week, instead of testing the plethora of fart-noise apps, we'll instead to look at some apps that serve as crucial utility for college students on the cheap.

iPhone / iPod Touch
Moe's Notes, $3.99

Plenty of note taking apps exist for the iPhone. There's the built-in "Notes" app, the "Voice Memos" app, and for all things visual, the camera. There's also a wealth of downloadable apps like EverNote, which focus on the individual aspects of note taking (text, audio, photo, etc.). Moe's Notes combines all of those formats into one tidy package.

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