How to Rent Movies With a Very Happy Ending -- Savings Experiment

How to Save Money on Movie Rentals
How to Save Money on Movie Rentals

If you're an entertainment maven, chances are you love movies enough to rent them, whether it's a brand-new video such as "Avatar," or a recent classic along the lines of "You've Got Mail." (Hey! Now that sounds catchy...)

So in this installment of the Savings Experiment, allow us to sift through the abundant, popular rental options, because hey: We're all thumbs .. as in thumbs up or thumbs down, a la Siskel and Ebert.

Now then: In terms of the plot synopsis, imagine if you will a movie buff who begins by scoping just a few flicks every now and then--let's call him Fast-Rent Freddy. Then, through a gripping and dramatic transformation worthy of a Spielberg epic (okay, a "South Park" episode) he eventually morphs into Cinemaphile Fred. Here's how the deal goes down.