Biz Brief: SAP Co-CEO Ready For More Large Buyouts

SAP's (SAP) co-CEO says his company still retains an appetite for large buyouts, despite having snapped up database maker Sybase in a mega-billion dollar deal last month, according to comments made at the company's shareholders meeting Tuesday in a Reuters report.

And while it's common to hear companies suggest that they're willing to do deals that make sense, no matter what the size, it's especially interesting to hear enterprise software applications titan SAP issue such statements, given its track record. SAP has tended to grow organically, in contrast to rival Oracle (ORCL), which has made a number of major acquisitions over the years, from its recent entry into the hardware business via the purchase of Sun Microsystems to swallowing up direct competitor PeopleSoft in a long, drawn-out hostile takeover.

According to the Reuters report, SAP co-CEO Jim Hagemann Snabe said:

To enhance our market position even more, we continue to search for acquisitions to provide us with innovative functionality and software to complement, enhance and round out our industry, product, and technology offerings.

We are also open to larger acquisitions, if it means more value for our customers and shareholders.

In addition to its $5.8 billion Sybase deal, which not only makes SAP more Oracle-like by allowing it to offer a database-applications one-stop shopping solution with some mobile software and services capability, SAP also swallowed Business Objects for $6.1 billion three years ago in its largest deal to date. While the enterprise software behemoth has become more inquisitive for large scale deals, it may be a stretch to see SAP enter into the hardware business like Oracle.