Restaurant City decides that 3,000 free coins is better than an encore

Restaurant City Under the Sea Band Members
Restaurant City Under the Sea Band Members

Back on Sunday, Restaurant City was willing to give away a free band member, Lenny the Singer (a sea snail that costs 12,000 Coins it the store) from their current Under the Sea theme set.

But twenty-four hours to vote wasn't enough for fans to make it to the 125,000 'Like' votes required, so Playfish couldn't give out Lenny. In compensation, Playfish has decided to award everyone with 3,000 Coins instead!

Just log into Facebook, make sure you're a fan on the official Restaurant City Facebook fanpage, and click here. Do note that clicking the link will launch the game. But you only need the game on for a few seconds for this deal to work. Just make sure you click within the next 7 hours, cause it's another 24-hour only offer!

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