New game alert: Raise your own adorable ponies in Ponyland


Ponyland is a brand new game spotted in the wild that will make your heart ache with overwhelming cuteness. Don't say we didn't warn you! This game appears to be the first Facebook game effort by an individual game developer, and we think it's important to pay attention to the little guys as well as the big names like Zynga and Playdom. Ponyland is just what you'd expect given the name; a delightfully charming pony-raising game that brings together some of the best elements of dollhousing games such as SPP! Ranch along with the farming mechanic that we all are intimately familiar with.

When you first start out in Ponyland, you are greeted with a few screens giving you a general overview on how to play. Nothing here is unfamiliar. You can mate your ponies with your neighbor's ponies in order to create baby horses that look like their parents. You can farm to buy food for your ponies, and if you don't come back frequently enough to take care of your pony it will get sick and need medicine. You start off with one pony, and you can pick from three different colors. Once you pick your pony, it will move itself into a corral and begin to walk around. The art is highly stylized - in fact, it barely looks like a pony. It's still adorable though, and we couldn't help but want to take care of it. Clicking on a pony will give you the option to customize its appearance by buying additional colors, eyes, mouths - even wings and horns.