Teresa Giudice bankruptcy means star owes $11 million

Reality bites: NJ 'Housewives' star owes $11 million
Reality bites: NJ 'Housewives' star owes $11 million

This story was updated on June 8, 2010.

Reality stars tend to live larger than life when it comes to their houses, their indulgences and their dramas. As it turns out, some of their debts are larger than life, too. The New York Postrecently reported that Teresa Giudice, better known to fans of the show "The Real Housewives of New Jersey" as one of its free-spending cast members, owes nearly $11 million to various creditors, despite having an annual family income of just $79,000.

And it would appear that she's willing to talk openly about it, as long as it results in more media exposure for herself. Paid of course.

Along with her husband, Joe, she's racked up more than $100,000 in credit cards bills and is facing foreclosure on three homes, one of which is a gaudy, $1.8 million mansion; the other two are also mortgaged to the hilt. Their flashy Cadillac Escalade isn't being paid for and is uninsured, according to the Post (let's hope she doesn't get distracted by something shiny while driving and get into a fender-bender with that thing!) Giudice owes around $12,000 to a fertility clinic while her husband owes various business partners several million, according to the tabloid (which dug through court filings to turn up their scoop).