Get thee to Europe; bargains abound with Euro at a four-year low

A surprising thing happened to me yesterday as I flew back to America from the airport in Berlin, Germany. I was given the option of receiving change back in Euros or American dollars. Faced with quickly deciding which currency would hold its value over the next few weeks, to my surprise, I found myself thinking of the dollar as the better bet. I haven't had that feeling in the better part of a decade.

The Euro's at a four-year low, and signs points it to going lower this summer. Greece and Spain already already having fiscal woes, and Hungary is reportedly joining the ranks of the ailing. As some participating economies are sag under debt, the whole Euro currency system is dragged with them, and some pessimistic experts even predict that the Euro as we know it will cease to exist in five years.

In the face of such apocalyptic warnings, there can be only one prescription for Americans: Go to Europe!