'Facebook Effect' Author Kirkpatrick: Zuckerberg 'Cannot Be Deposed'

Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg
Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg

So what is Facebook CEO Mark Zuckerberg really like?

"He's basically a pretty shy geek," says author David Kirkpatrick, who spent time with the 26-year-old CEO while writing The Facebook Effect. "He's really, really, really smart, and he's not anti-social like some geeks can be, but he'd rather be coding than anything else."

In an interview with DailyFinance, Kirkpatrick discussed the possibility that Facebook might bring in a seasoned tech executive to run the company as it grows. Any such move would require the blessing of Zuckerberg, who has shrewdly maintained control of the company.

"He cannot be deposed," says Kirkpatrick. "Nobody can take him out if he doesn't want to be taken out."