DirecTV customer service put to test by Twitter

Earlier today, DirecTV customers were suddenly interrupted with a 771-searching for satellite error. All the while, their HD-DVR remained stuck on one channel due to an unknown error. Customers flocked to Twitter to complain about their service disruption. DirecTV's customer service began to respond to users individually on twitter while handling a flood of phone calls at 800-531-5000. Some customers even chose to temporarily follow DirecTV just to stay updated on the issue.

DirecTV stated that they are trying to implement a remote reset to solve the problem. The company is busy communicating with customers to ensure that they are doing everything they can to fix the issue. They also officially apologized for the inconvenience in a statement.

This rapid, personalized approach to customer service is the modern way of handling complaints. An agent is now able to answer phone calls, tweet, and email many customers at once. It's a battle to fix the issue before it becomes a trending topic on Twitter.