Cafe World: Earn 6 Free Cafe Cash in 3 New Promo Surveys

Cafe World Pretty Little Liars, Windows Phone, and Windows 7
Feel like getting some free premium money in Cafe World? Then log into Facebook and head over to the Earn Café Cash tab for the 3 new deals under "Free activities". Each offer will dish out 2 free Cafe Cash for a total of 6 CC.

Keep reading to get a full walk-through before you try each one.

Pretty Little Liars Lie Detector
Offer #1 is from ABC promoting the premiere of their new show, "Pretty Little Liars". Just submitting two short sentences into the designated "Truth" and "Lie" boxes are all you need to earn you the cash. I typed "I hate ikura" into the Lie Box, and "I love ikura" into the Truth Box. After that, the sponsor wants you to install the Pretty Little Lie Detector app, "where your statements are waiting to be sent to your friends!" So install the app if you want (you DON'T have to! for the free Cafe Cash), but seeing that other people are going to see what you've typed if they use the app, be careful what you say.
Cafe World Windows Phone 7
Offer #2 is for Microsoft's Windows Phone 7. You get a little multiple choice question asking you which of the 3 features of the phone you're most looking forward to. Answer however you want, then click "Share" to submit your answer. And that's it -- 2 instant free Cafe Cash!
Cafe World Windows 7 features
Offer #3 is also from Microsoft, but this time, it's asking about which of their Windows 7 features you'd like best. To do that, you're going to have to watch some videos, but each one's only 7 seconds long! So pick whatever looks interesting and make your choice. I watched a bunch of the vids, but voted for "Home Group". And BAM! -- that's the last batch of 2 free Cafe Cash for me!

Now here's the most important question: how do you know any of these work? Well, SocialVibe, the company that's helping bridge these offers with Cafe World, has a feature that let's you see what offers you've completed and when you did them (see image below). You can access it by clicking the "Missing Cafe Cash" button which is on the same page as the Earn Café Cash tab.
Cafe World Social Vibe feature to check for Cafe Cash Missing
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