Apartment Guru: Paying for Groceries Not Rent

paying rent
paying rent

Hi Apartment Guru,

My friend of many years invited me to stay with her in her one-bedroom apartment for the summer (four months). I didn't ask to share her apartment, she offered. I came down for the summer holidays to work and save money for school -- so I work one full-time job and one part-time job. Although I saved enough money over the years to buy a car, I now have all these extra costs associated with it and I'm not willing to use my savings account.

I have been buying the food for us since I came to live with her, unfortunately due to the car expenses I told her she should buy the breakfast groceries and I will buy the lunch and supper groceries, but I think I may have offended her. She chooses not to get a job, she's attending school full-time (she hasn't looked for a job for a year now!). I'm doing some online courses as well, so you can imagine I'm running haggard. I was wondering, what do I do? I know she offered and I'm repaying her back with groceries, but like I said, I think I may have offended her by asking her to buy some of them.

What should I do? Is it wrong to ask her to share the cost? It's about $300 to $400 a month for groceries for everything.

-- Confused Individual