Treetopia reveals secrets with new epic story quest

Treetopia is a unique Facebook game, in that it attempts to provide more story than most other casual games we cover here on - The Blog. In the weeks since it has been released, Playdom have been teasing us by saying that we'll soon be able to find out more about the tree that is the main focal point of our village. Now, there is a whole epic story quest line that gives players a better indication of why they're there on Treetopia, and where they're going.

There are four stages of the new epic quest, including learning of the tree, traveling to Panther Island, clearing out plants, and finally, saving the Great Tree. You can find the beginning quest on the right side of your quest map. Participating in this quests does require resources just like regular Treetopia quests. We won't spoil the story here, because you should definitely log in to Treetopia and complete these quests to really immerse yourself in the world of Treetopia and learn the secrets of the Great Tree.

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