Chase Closes in on Too-Sexy Banker

Debrahlee LorenzanaIt seems that Debrahlee Lorenzana, the bank employee who was fired for being too sexy, can't win for losing her job. Now JP Morgan Chase, the financial institution that hired her as a licensed personal banker after Citibank dropped her, wants her to stop talking to the media because,"her statements reflect poorly on the banking industry."

Lorenzana is in the process of bringing legal action against her former employer, Citibank, which fired her after telling her that her appearance was "too distracting," and asking her to refrain from wearing normal business attire like pencil skirts, turtlenecks and fitted business suits because her body was different than that of other female employees. Citibank claims to have fired her for poor performance issues.

On Thursday, when AOL's feature on the subject was posted and after several other major media outlets had covered Lorenzana's story, she was approached by her supervisor at a Brooklyn branch of Chase and asked if she was going to continue to talk about her discrimination suit against Citibank. Lorenzana replied, "I'm going to speak to the media, this has nothing to do with you," according to the New York Daily News.

Lorenzana's supervisor then told her that she was violating the company's code of conduct, and that her behavior had been brought to the attention of CEO Jamie Dimon. It was implied that action would be taken if she continued to discuss the subject with the media. It's not uncommon for corporations to forbid employees from speaking about them publically, implying that they're a representative, but Lorenzana had never mentioned Chase, or her current branch, in any of her statements. She had been careful to limit her remarks strictly to her former employer, Citibank.

Until now. Lorenzana appeared on CBS's 'Early Show' with Maggie Rodriguez on Monday morning, where she and her attorney, Jack Tuckner, discussed how her current employer, Chase, is "bullying" her. "This is a bank now that says she's done nothing wrong other than blemish the financial services industry by talking about what happened to her," Tuckner said.

"Little Debrahlee Lorenzana... when she's performing well and wearing the same clothing that she wore at Citibank and they (Chase) haven't objected to it; now [the bank] has said to her even if she didn't come on the show this morning, she's already in hot water by simply talking about this...This is a monolithic entity that is going to do everything they can to silence her."

Tuckner says that if she loses her job over this, they will sue Chase as well.

That was the last thing Debrahlee expected or wanted, but she believes this is a fight worth losing two jobs over. "My whole entire life I've been going through harassment and discrimination," she said. "I've tried to stay quiet and just get another job, but it has become a vicious pattern. This time I decided to speak out -- enough. Enough!"

Is the blouse too low cut, ladies? How do you know?

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