Pet Society: Hideeni celebrates World Cup

Pet Society Hideeni World Cup Soccer Costume
Pet Society Hideeni World Cup Soccer Costume

Hideeni's got a sporty new look in honor of the World Cup. He looks so cute, but I just want to kick him!

He's giving out 15 flags from around the globe. What's really interesting is that Playfish is going to be watching the World Cup matches closely and offering the flags as long as the teams remain in the competition. (I'm a bit mystified why all 32 nations in the World Cup weren't included in this group of flags-South Korea, for example isn't represented. I guess Playfish doesn't have much confidence in the Red Devils.)

Which nation will be the last one standing? We'll find out in about a month. The World Cup goes from June 11-July 11.

Check out the rest of this post to see all the flags that Hideeni is giving away!