Music scholarships give students opportunity to pursue passion

music scholarshipsBeing a member of a high school band can lead to more than a music scholarship to college. The skills it teaches, including non-musical principles such as discipline, self-confidence, and being a team player, are lessons that can be used for life, according to a recent story in Model D, an online magazine about Detroit, that took a look at the skills gained by local high school marching band students.

Some former band students went on to work in other fields like mathematics and law, the story found, noting that after high school, some even received music scholarships to continue pursuing their passion. Some even went on to be professional musicians.For high school students heavily involved in band, choir, orchestra or any other music class and are looking to continue studying music, offers a laundry list of music scholarship opportunities. Regardless of the instrument one plays or if they want to get into music education, there's an opportunity for just about everybody. Here are some examples of music scholarships:

Jazz Music Scholarships -- Although a few of the jazz-specific scholarships are for already-enrolled college students, the Arts Competition Scholarships offer young improvising virtuosos the chance to win between $100 and $10,000.

Drum Music Scholarships -- For the aspiring Keith Moon/Animal, there's the Percussive Arts Society/SABIAN, Ltd. Larrie Londin Memorial Scholarship. The $3,000 scholarship was named for the legendary studio drummer and was set up to help fund young drummers' studies.

Musical Theater Scholarships -- Although deadlines have recently passed, young thespians should make note of the Educational Theatre Association's Thespian Scholarships. Awards are granted for future actors, future educators, and technical performance.

Piano Music Scholarships -- offers a few opportunities for pianists. Most of them are competitions, but if organ players and pianists are interested in attending school in Rhode Island, there's a scholarship for that, too.

Vibraphone Music Scholarship -- That's right, even students who play the vibes have an outlet. The PAS has a solo vibraphone contest where the winner can receive between $250 and $1,000 in music scholarships.

In addition to, also has a music scholarships page. There aren't as many scholarships listed, but the few they do list offer thousands of dollars. Among the opportunities they list are the Glenn Miller Scholarship Competition, the James A. Hyter Vocal Music Scholarship, and the ASOL Music Assistance Fund.
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