iPhone 4: Cool, but can we get a phone app for that?

iPhone 4: Fancy, but still needs a phone app
iPhone 4: Fancy, but still needs a phone app

All "i"s today were on Apple's Steve Jobs, as he made the announcement everyone in Techland pretty much expected for weeks now at WWDC 2010: the new iPhone 4 is coming.

And yes, as an Apple guy, I'm fairly excited by all the new bells and whistles, as reported by our sister site Engadget: a larger battery, a forward-facing camera and Face Time video chat among them.

That said, excuse me if I yawn. Or scream. Not that you'll be able to hear either if you call me on my iPhone 3Gs.

Lest we forget, tech-savvy boys and girls, that the second syllable in smartphone is "phone," And I'm fairly amazed that Jobs did something akin to what absent-minded professors do when they stroll out of the house contemplating world-shaking equations, but remain blissfully unaware that their flies are wide open.

For as long as AT&T remains the telecom carrier for the iPhone 4, you might as well buy the one accessory they don't sell at the Apple Store: a tin can and a string.