Happy Aquarium envisions underwater soccer played by lion cubs

Happy Aquarium's Zack the Soccer-playing Lion
To go along with their World Cup 2010 wallpapers, Happy Aquarium has decided to bring in a "Soccer-playing lion" cub. Say what? Yeah, you read that right.

Happy Aquarium Soccer BallAnd to continue with their Disney obsession, the new "Zack, the Lion", looks very much like the lion cubs from Disney's 1994 film, The Lion King. Zack, in particular, looks like Nala, but with Simba's coloring. But Zack has been done up with spiky, wild blue hair, a red scuba breathing apparatus, a white shirt and blue gym shorts. Oh, and he carries a soccer ball with the promise of some "pretty fancy footwork when you click on him in your tank!"

You can buy him under the Tank Mates section of the in-game store for 58 Pearls or 48 Facebook Credits ($4.80 USD). And for those who can't shell out the money, Zack's Soccer Ball can be gotten for free under the game's gifts page.
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