FTC to refund more than 2,000 who bought Rite Aid cold medicine

FTC to refund more than 2,000 who bought Rite Aid cold medicineThe Federal Trade Commission today is sending more than 2,335 refund checks to consumers who bought Rite Aid Germ Defense tablets and lozenges they believed would prevent and treat colds or the flu.

The FTC accused Rite Aid and its supplier with false and deceptive advertising as part of its crackdown on companies that make unproven claims about cold and flu remedies. Under a settlement reached last year, Rite Aid agreed to pay $500,000 in consumer refunds to settle the FTC charges.

As part of the deal, Rite Aid consumers could submit refund requests for up to six packages of Germ Defense, either electronically or by mail by Jan. 30, 2010. The average refund check is $20.44, valid for 60 days from the date issued.

This is the first time electronic refund claims are being allowed, so the FTC wants consumers to know the checks are legitimate and should be cashed.

In the July 2009 complaint, the FTC said Rite Aid marketed several flavors of Germ Defense lozenges and tablets it claimed could reduce the risk of or prevent colds and the flu; protect against or fight germs; reduce the severity or duration of a cold and boost the immune system.

For questions about refunds, consumers should call 1-877-341-4602. For more information about the case, visit the FTC's website.
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