FarmVille: Husband gifts Exclusive Button from 7-Eleven Clerk to Wife

FarmVille Freak Terri's FarmVille Button
FarmVille Freak Terri's FarmVille Button

Farmville Freak Terri sent us pics of her very exclusive FarmVille Button that her husband was able to acquire from none other than a 7-Eleven clerk!

"Do I have the best husband in the whole wide world, or what?? He went to 7-Eleven this evening and came home with a Farmville button for me. A button that the clerk was wearing! I can't believe he talked the man out of his button. I just love a man who feeds my addiction!!

You can bet I will be wearing it every time I sit down to play.

Farmingly yours,

-Farmville Freak Terri"

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