FarmVille Biplane Flight Cost Formula

This week the FarmVille Biplane was introduced. The Biplane can be purchased for 30,000 coins and will instantly fertilize your entire crop with Insta-Grow. While the first flight is free, additional flights will cost varying rates of farm cash depending on how much time is remaining until your crops are ready to harvest.

There is no set price as it dependent on several factors including what crop you are growing, the time remaining, and how many plots you have.

FarmVille Freak Ingeborg hypothesizes that there is a formula used to calculate the cost of Biplane flights. Here is her thoughtful explanation described below. Thank you for sharing with us FVFreak Ingeborg.

I know the calculation for costs on the Biplane:

* 2000 first hours = 1 FV$ (farm cash)
* +1 FV$ for every additional 1000 hours.
* Use 24 hours for 1 day, not the 23 hours Zynga usually uses.

Example: 100 plots of watermelons =9600 hours= 9 FV$. If they are 50% ready it'll be 4800 hours= 4FV$

It's a theory, but it works every time I checked! A lot of people keep asking on the forums how to calculate the costs and I can keep answering but i think it's more effective if FarmVille Freak makes a post about it!

The exact formula will be : (X*H*P)/1000-1= # FV$ ( round up! )
in which:
X= Number of plots
H= Grow time of the crop in hours (Carrots=12, Watermelons=96, Peas=24 etc.)
P= (100-percentage of the crop)/100. This means: if a crop is 50% ready P= (100-50)/100=0.5
If the crop is freshly planted P=1. If a crop is at 90% ready P=0,1

Happy farming ;)
FarmVille Freak Ingeborg
Did this Biplane Flight Formula work for you in calculating the cost of your flight?

This article originally appeared onFarmVille Freak.
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