I Don't Get Paid Enough To Do This

funny office humor Having to go to work during the summer is bad enough, but when you have to deal with angry, nutty customers on the job, it might just have you saying, "I don't get paid enough to do this!"

For your viewing enjoyment, I've compiled some great caught-on-tape moments of people having to deal with out-of-the-ordinary situations while on the job.

Would you like some fries with your anger?

Working at a fast food restaurant can be trying under normal circumstances, with high stress and low pay. Add in customers who wig out when they get angry and you might just be questioning why you showed up for work.

I'd like a double-tall anger latte, please!

Continuing with our food-service theme, this woman gets a little nutty when she's told she can't pay for her coffee with a $100 bill. Something tells me she really didn't need any more caffeine.

Emergency! Emergency! They're out of McNuggets!!

Emergency operators who take 9-1-1 calls probably get a lot of satisfaction from helping people in dangerous and life-threatening situations. But, I'm sure that feeling is tempered by the wacky calls they get all day long, like this one.

Please let me do my job

Having come from a TV career, I had to add a couple of examples of TV reporters who constantly have to put up with people trying to get their mugs on television. This poor reporter finally lost it after being harassed by a ham.

This poor guy had to put up with what a lot of reporters deal with in the winter, having to freeze outside while reporting on snowstorms. In this case, it got a lot worse because of some out-of-control kids.

Cars are for more than driving

As I was researching this post, I was amazed at how many people think it is OK to express their anger at a place of business by driving their car through the front door. Here are a couple of examples. This guy wasn't happy because a clerk at a convenience store told him he had to pay for his gas before pumping it.

And, here is a double whammy. I always wonder who could handle being a bouncer at a bar. Not only do you have to deal with out-of-control drunk people, but sometimes you have to deal with their cars, too!

So, the next time you think you have it bad at work, watch some of these videos again -- hopefully it will make you feel better about what you are doing.


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